Luxury Travel for Curious Culture Seekers 

At Boise Travel Agent we don't just plan travel.  
We custom-create world experiences to your specific needs and desires so that you can engage with the world's richest cultures.
Cinque Terre

Hi, I'm Tammy with Boise Travel Agent, and I custom craft luxury travel for curious connection seekers that aren’t waiting for retirement to live their bucket list dreams.

I’m here to create a vacation where you can fully relax while engaging with your fellow travelers and the culture you are visiting worldwide.

What destination are you looking to engage with next?

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…gallivanting the vastness of Italy, where you could jet set in Cinque Terre, or stroll the delicious grape vines of Tuscany.

…visiting the farmlands of Ireland to find the beautiful stone fence you were admiring had each stone hand dug from the dirt over 1000 years ago.

…relaxing in pure luxury while cruising the world, where the server knows your name and places your favorite drink down upon your arrival.


How My Process Works:

1. Conversation

The first step is to schedule a complimentary phone call to get to know each other and share your travel desires. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to travel. We want to make sure any trips we plan for you are tailored to you.

travel conversation

2. Agreement 

As part of that commitment to planning trips tailored to you, Boise Travel Agent does charge a $200 planning fee. After that fee is paid, we will start planning.

3. Creation

We will present you with a proposal for your trip. We present your curated itinerary, and edit, as needed. Once the proposal meets what you are looking for, we will secure the bookings. We begin securing all your travel plans while you relax and enjoy life.

Ireland Travel

4. Vacation

With all the details taken care of, you will be off to explore the world and engage with new people and cultures, and enjoy your vacation!

River Cruise Ship
The world's richest cultures are awaiting your exploration.
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