San Diego

When we think of California, it’s not uncommon to fill our heads with images of the Hollywood Sign, celebrities, and the infamous traffic jams of Los Angeles; however, the City of Angels isn’t the only prime travel destination within the state. San Diego has a rich history and a laidback style to match. Not only is it the birthplace of California, but it’s also one of the first spots where Europeans stepped ashore on the entire west coast. Beyond its history, San Diego has a mass appeal that will allow everyone to find something within the city that they enjoy.



You can’t make a trip to California and not visit the beaches; San Diego is no exception. The water is perfect for swimming, surfing, and lounging around reading a good book.

If you’re looking for relaxation, San Diego has the beaches for you. Pacific Beach, La Jolla Shores Beach, and Sunset Cliffs, to name a few.

Who doesn’t love a zoo? With more than 3,500 animals at the San Diego Zoo, it’s easy to get lost in the jungle and enjoy a day with the animals. Learn more about conservation efforts and the rare and endangered plants and species that occupy the 100-acre zoo.

Families flock far and wide to take in the wonders of SeaWorld. With its mixture of outdoor aquarium and theme park, there are plenty of rides, sights, and attractions for the entire family.

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