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It only took Shenzhen 30 years to go from a little-known fishing village to an international metropolis. The expanding economy and countless opportunities attract people from all over the country to this young and dynamic city. With people flooding in, this tech hub has become a melting pot of various local cultures and the showcase of a younger China. Although Shenzhen doesn't have much historic heritage to speak of, it is certainly one of the most modern Chinese cities with great infrastructure.

The City

Four-meter wide Chung Ying street links Hong Kong to Shenzhen in Luo Ho in just a few hundred easy steps. Huanguang, Dongmen & Bagua food markets in the city centre are a vibrant introduction to the succulent tastes of China’s mainland. Fancy a night out? Then you are sure to find yourself in Shekou district at some stage dancing the night away in one of the city’s many nightclubs while the city’s balmy weather means it is possible to head out in shorts and T-shirt virtually all year-round. Beyond the city proper, the special economic zone hosts the Overseas Chinese Town where its four massive theme parks are also the venue for a series of international festivals celebrating music, beer, food and dance at various times of the year. Shenzhen is also dubbed the 'Silicon Valley of China' for hosting a massive supply chain of electronics that stretches across the country. When visiting the Huaqiangbei market, you can find a massive selection of these, from PCs to circuit boards, as well as shop for the next-generation gadget right in the place of its production.

Do & See

If you are looking for some traditional and historical sites, Shenzhen might not be the best destination. But what it does have are a few original theme parks and shopping opportunities - particularly for electronics - that make the city attractive as a travel destination. Shenzhen is large and sprawling while the metro system is simple, efficient and easy to use for access to most of the venues on your tick-off list.


As a cultural melting pot, Shenzhen has attracted millions of people from all over China and beyond over the years. And each culture has brought its food along with it. This makes Shenzhen the city with the most culinary diversity in the country. From heavy and generous northeast cuisine to spicy and mouth-watering Sichuan dishes to delicate and exquisite Cantonese dim sum – even the pickiest eater will be satisfied here. Below are the best places to eat in Shenzhen, China:


Tea rather than coffee has been the traditional drink of choice for the Chinese but coffee is now widely available throughout Shenzhen. And here the best cafes in the city:

Bars & Nightlife

There’s a fairly big wave of Hong Kong revellers making their way to Shenzhen at the weekends these days, pulled in by the wilder, local nightlife scene. Clubs cover all music bases and genres with partygoers, particularly drawn to Sea World Square in Shekou district with its mix of ex-pat style bars and clubs. Another draw is Bar St at Citic City Plaza (CCP), particularly popular with Shenzhen’s youth.


Shenzhen has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping. There are several mega shopping malls offering everything when it comes to fashion, electronics and food while you may not take the marked price as read. Haggling can get you as much as two-thirds off. Because of the relatively cheap shopping, Hong Kong people pour across the border every day.

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